It’s a lovely time of year isn’t it.

It’s a lovely time of year isn’t it. The weather is so very undecided. Is it going to be cold? Maybe mild? Wind? Rain? Snow? Who knows! But this back and forth weather can certainly worsen a problem that most people are already tired of…..runny nose. Now this isn’t your run of the mill runny nose. This is the constant drip, continuous nose wiping, having Kleenex tucked in your sleeve type of runny nose.

Chronic rhinitis as it’s known in the ENT community is caused by many different things. This chronic irritation and inflammation in the nose affects the nerves that tell the nose to produce mucus. While this is not a life threatening issue it can be a quality of life issue. But great news, the providers at West River Ear, Nose & Throat have many options available to help alleviate the chronic drip.

There are an array of medical management options including nasal sprays that can help. There is also an exciting new procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to disrupt the nerve signals that keep the cycle of chronic rhinitis repeating. The procedure itself is done with local anesthetic in the office. While people may notice an increased amount of congestion and mucus at first while the nose is healing, in 2-6 weeks the benefits can be seen and felt.

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