If you suffer from sinus headaches, nasal obstruction, nasal drainage, or loss of smell you may have a sinus issue. Dr. Schleiffarth and Dr. Howard treat all areas of sinus problems. He will perform a comprehensive medical history and physical examination. This can include using a small telescope to assess the sinus drainage. After the evaluation, Dr. Schleiffarth and Dr. Howard will provide the treatment plan that fits your problem.

How Sinus and Nasal Disorders Are Diagnosed

When you visit our office, we will review your complete medical history and discuss any symptoms you may be having that may indicate a sinus or nasal problem. One of our specialists will complete a comprehensive head and neck exam and will use a nasal endoscope to view the interior of your nasal cavity.

This tool also allows us to view your sinuses and larynx, allowing us to determine if there are visual indications of a specific disorder. Depending on your symptoms, we may need to take a biopsy of any masses or a culture if bacteria is present. Some instances call for a CT scan which can be helpful in diagnosing sinus disease. After we review your lab results, we will discuss your next steps. Often times we may simply recommend antibiotics to clear up an infection, or you may benefit from a surgical procedure to provide you with years of comfort.

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