Millions of people are plagued by allergies every year, and whether it’s the seasonal variety or a more serious reaction to certain foods, the staff at West River ENT & Allergy can help. Understanding what causes allergies and how to treat them can be a huge steppingstone toward improving your everyday life, so our goal is to educate patients and give them tools that offer results.

The allergy experts at West River ENT & Allergy can provide you with the information and resources you need to get your allergies under control. We offer allergy testing and “shot-less” allergy treatments. Call (605) 939-7863 today!

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Allergy Treatment

Allergies can be treated with avoidance, medications, immunotherapy, or a combination of these treatments. After evaluating you and your symptoms, Dr. Schleiffarth and the allergy nurses can create a plan that is best for you. That plan may include immunotherapy. We offer both allergy shots and sublingual (under the tongue) drops.

Whether it’s a runny nose or the inability to breathe, allergies can occur in varying forms. Living with allergies daily is only a minor inconvenience for some, but in others it can be a major issue or even life-threatening. For our physicians to properly diagnose and treat your allergy symptoms, we perform several types of allergy tests.

Allergy Shots


We offer allergy shots as an option for immunotherapy. Based on your allergy testing, your allergy shots are custom mixed to contain exactly what you need.

The allergy specialists will give you your shot in our clinic every 4-10 days.

The injections can eventually be given when a safe plateau is reached.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

“Shot-Less Treatment” – Drops Under Your Tongue

Sublingual allergy drops are a safe, effective, and convenient choice for immunotherapy. We offer this type of treatment to all our patients, including young children. You take the drops home and place a few drops under your tongue once per day.

The drops are made with a small amount of allergen concentration and formulated based on your allergy testing results.

Immunotherapy Comparison



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