Ah-choo! The Science of Sneezing

The act of sneezing is something that every person has in common.  Some people do it a little but some ...
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Replace Shorts For Drops

It’s a lovely time of year isn’t it.

It’s a lovely time of year isn’t it. The weather is so very undecided. Is it going to be cold? ...
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West River ENT is Proud to Support Doctors Without Borders

As the holiday season ends, we’re reminded of all the things we’re thankful for. Not only are we grateful to ...
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Silent Night…..yeah right!

Standing over your beautiful child sleeping so peacefully and soundly is one of the happiest moments a parent can experience ...
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Angry Ears

Angry Ears Your 3-year-old child wakes up, they look sick.  They are fussy and irritable.  They may have a fever.  ...
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Oh My Face!

Tis the season where germs seem to be running rampant wreaking all sorts of havoc.  There is one common complaint ...
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What did you stick up there?

Picture this… are having a nice time coloring with your toddler, watching your little Picasso blossom before your eyes.  Suddenly ...
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